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Croydon Truth Project is about looking within to the Truth of who we are.  It is remembering our true nature. 
is changing our perception of ourselves
and the world in order to enjoy more
peaceful, satisfying and fulfilling
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Croydon truth.


If you are feeling you want more out of life, if you are stuck with some basic questions about why you are here and if you want more happiness, joy and inner freedom, check out our gatherings and classes.  This isn't about pursuing what the world sees as the "picture" of happiness.  This is about finding out that we are the source of our own happiness.  

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We are bombarded with a superficiality that is at times difficult to get away from. 

We're trained to think that something "out there" - financial success, a nice home, a relationship, a good career, and so on - is going to complete us.

Then, something comes along to make us question that.  We start looking for something more lasting; a peace that won't be affected by what happens.

If you're at that place where you are looking for something deeper, the Truth Gatherings may be for you. 

The Truth Gatherings provide you a time and place where you can sit down and concentrate on what often is neglected.  They give you an opportunity to slow down and smell the roses.  You can talk with like-minded folks about what's really important.

There will be readings, reflections, music, meditations and more.  Very informal.  A weekly reminder of the Path.

Love and Fear


There are a lot of ways of dealing with one's mind.  One idea that's helpful is that we're either working with a love thought system or a fear thought system.


The love thought system emphasises togetherness, common goals, non-specialness, equality, peace, forgiveness, etc.

The fear thought system is about separateness, conflict, judgementalness, competition, holding onto grievances and so on.


Becoming aware of what thought system you're using can be beneficial because you're using that thought system when it comes to you and your own life.  In other words, you can't separate yourself from your own mind.


Most of us have experienced a kind of internal wrestling when we are having negative thoughts and feelings (that come from the fear thought system) and want to get back to positivity (love thought system).  To shift from negative to positive can be difficult and yet it gets easier with practice.  This is a practice that takes time but it is SO worth it!       

a quick fix not!


The spiritual path is a journey, a process, an endeavour.  It takes time.


Our society focuses on a lot of untruths, superficialities and short-term gains.  It takes time to sort out the true from the un-true and to bring your mind to focus on what is important.   Each person goes through a highly individualised experience that entails various phases, highs and lows.  Life itself presents learning opportunities, challenges, realisations and ephiphanies. 


This isn't about being perfect or becoming a holy person. It's about looking at your own mind and being 100% honest about what's going on.  Where you are right now is your most crucial friend, your starting point.  You have to accept where you are because self-acceptance is part of the process. 


There's a good deal of self-trust you need to develop; a good deal of self-care.  Nothing wrong with common sense in making decisions; no need to be a martyr.  But a substantial spiritual sense can give you more information about life issues, such as reminding you of your general life-goal which is peace and fulfilment.  It can also help you go through challenges and difficult situations like nothing else can.


Sometimes it's difficult to be honest with yourself.  In fact, you could say it's the most difficult thing.  There are a lot of pressures not to be honest and we often sell out due to popularity, what other people think, etc.  A spiritual focus enables you to strengthen your relationship with Truth, which allows you to be more independent and not so eager to please. 


It also encourages you to know the philosophy you are using to make decisions.  Focusing on truth allows you to question your underlying thought patterns, assumptions and guiding principles.


By strengthening your relationship to the truth inside of you, your thought system and eventually your consciousness changes.  There is no magic pill for this; it requires engagement, focus and a willingness to participate in one's own growth. 


The strategy is to make hay while the sun shines, i.e. to cultivate your focus on love, peace, gratitude, etc. while your mind is uncloudy while examining issues, pain, confusion (in a gentle way) while the mind is cloudy.


I hope to be able to help people through this process. Ultimately, it is highly personal and only you can do it for yourself.





A journey to your own awakening.

What is Truth?


Truth is formless Being extending without limit. It is an experience of boundless love, peace, and joy. Truth is All that is. - Elizabeth Cronkhite


In a worldy sense, truth is anything that points toward and leads you to an experience of joy, happiness, light-heartedness, security, etc.  These are actually emanations from beyond the body and personality.


All of us have a relationship with truth already and deepen that relationship by focusing on what we love to do, engaging with friends and family, listening to music, enjoying a good meal or performance, going to church, walking in nature, and so on.


Concentrating on truth itself without any form allows you to further develop a richer state of mind.


Ideas and concepts are a great way of learning about truth though those are not the only way. Stillness, rest, getting into a “Zen” state of mind, cultivating appreciation (and many others) are also exercises that allow you to expand your consciousness.


Some may doubt truth, like it has no place or relevance in the world. The reality is is that the world is a lot more mystical than we think. We end up facing the same obstacles, the same problems, the same people over and over – why?


Because we have something to learn from them; because we can’t hide from the universe. When it’s time for us to learn our lessons, they will show up in the form of issues, anxieties, doubts, sadness, unmanageable anger, etc. For a lot of people, this is where they start the search for Truth.


The Truth is HUGE. It’s bigger than anything you can imagine. It’s easy accessible and yet there is a good deal of mind-training to really wrap your head around it. And, to be honest, it’s the only game in town.

One deep Yes to Life is the end to all No. 

                          Eckhart Tolle

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The search for truth is but the honest searching out of everything that interferes with truth.

A Course in Miracles

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